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Tuesday at 5:30pm
Saturday at 8pm
Instructor: Karen Dobson

Bodyweight Flow Yoga

$8.00 per class
Wednesday at 6pm
Spice it up with a super-efficient and always different workout for strength, flexibility & balance. Safe for everyone regardless of age or fitness level.
Instructor: Amelia – (Registered Yoga Teacher)/Certified Aerobics Instructor
phone: 770-479-4776
email: [email protected]

Aerobics & Cardio

$5 per class
Monday at 5:30pm
Thursday at 5:30pm
Instructor: Karen Dobson


Monday & Thursday
6:30pm-7:30pm: Children: 11 years & under
7:30pm-8:30pm Adults:  12 years & older

Instructed by United Karate Studio of Jasper
Chief Instructors: Richard & Sylvia Bruce
Assistant Instructors: Rebecca Coleman & Patton Childers
phone: 770-893-9053 (Richard)

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